Portland, Oregon has been in the news a lot lately and it has led to a dramatic uptick in social media activity. Of course, with another city all the way on the other side of the country with the same name, we suppose things could get confusing for people. That might have been the case (or the account could just a bot) when someone on Twitter took the Portland Press Herald to task on the situation in Portland, Oregon.

The Portland Press Herald based in Portland, Maine delivered as perfect a response as you could possibly imagine. By the way, the Press Herald has one of the best media Twitter accounts in the entire state. But as you can see, many other people jumped in with some responses and they're oh so very Maine-like. Ready for some puns?

It's not just businesses that can use Maine for puns, it's Twitter responses as well.

Yes, another newspaper from Florida decided to throw their hat into the ring with very obvious joke. Sometimes the obvious joke is the best one however.

This is an old classic on Twitter when someone says something outlandish and foolish, it feels like they're just yelling gibberish into a drive-thru speaker. AND I'LL HAVE FRIES WITH THAT!

This hyper-political response is clever not matter where you stand on this particular issue. Why? Because a newspaper in Maine does not have their own police department. Come on people.

And it wouldn't be a response thread on Twitter if someone didn't commit to full unadulterated sarcasm. Gotta admit we laughed out loud at this one.

As of this writing, there were already nearly 200 responses to a Tweet that barely 2 hours old. Check that thread often, it's going to get really good. Thanks, Portland Press Herald.

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