It's been a little over 7 years since one of the longest running Chinese restaurants in Portland, Wok Inn, closed its doors. For more than three decades, it served as an institution, with late night lines of hungry people stretching out the door on busy weekends. If you grew up or have lived in Portland for years, chances are you have a Wok Inn story of some sort.

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There were several reasons why the long run came to an end for Wok Inn, and for years after its closure, people traveling along Forest Avenue continued to lay eyes on the abandoned property with a little bit of warm conviction. Why? Because that iconic Wok Inn lettering remained in place.

Allie Scryzpek

The signage and lettering was taken down recently as part of a revamping of a prime piece of real estate near Morrill's Corner and now it's officially listed for sale in the Southern Maine Classifieds Facebook Group by Allie Skryzpek. The group itself is private to slow down potential spam, but if you want a closer look at the ad, you can simply join.

For those that have cherished memories of the old restaurant or others who simply like to collect iconic memorabilia from Maine, this seems like a nostalgia item that doesn't pop up everyday. The price may come off as steep to some, but antiques are big business. So while the food at Wok Inn may have been on the cheap, what amount of dollars are you willing to throw at priceless memorabilia?

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