Even though the calendar still says August and the temperatures outside are still very summer-like, people all across New England appear ready to enjoy some pumpkin spiced coffee. The flavor is extremely popular at Dunkin' locations all across Maine and thus, even before we hit the month of September and can actually start thinking Fall, pumpkin has returned. So while we expected there would be excitement over the return of pumpkin spice, someone may want to check on the staff of the Forest Avenue Dunkin' location in Portland because they may have had too much coffee.


Shared on Facebook by Jesenia Santana, the sign outside of the Dunkin' location feels a little jittery. In fact, a quick read might suggest that this particular Dunkin' location has created an alternate spicy pumpkin flavor for your coffee. Spoiler alert: they have not. Easily the best part of this wacky sign is the fact that someone took the time to put HAHAHAHA in old school lettering. That's the kind of commitment you're looking for in messaging.

So yes, pumpkin has returned at Dunkin' locations all across New England and yes, it is absolutely tasty. But to the staff at Forest Ave, it's ok to mix a sip of water in when enjoying your coffee. HAHAHAHA

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