Portland's holiday tree made its way to Monument Square today. It's always a fun joyous occasion even if things do look quite a bit different in the world this year.

Pretty soon it will be lit up with brightly colored lights to usher in the holiday season. It's always a magical time but I've learned that the real magic happened long before the tree came to downtown Portland.

You see, the tree was on the property of Portland resident, Hilary Carr Shorey. She thought it was so cool that the City of Portland wanted her tree so she said, "Absolutely!"

In a Facebook post, Hilary wrote about this morning when the tree was removed from her property and a woman approached her and her mother.

The unnamed woman said that her parents built the house and that's where she grew up and that tree, as well as all the others on the property, were planted by her mother who passed away earlier this year.

What she said next would even make The Grinch's heart grow. The woman said it was her mother's dream that one of her little Christmas trees that she planted long ago would one day stand tall in Monument Square.

It looks like her Christmas wish came true.

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