Some people really don’t know how to act, and now I’m forced to enter a parking war at my own house I didn’t ask for.

I’m too old for this, but here we freaking go.

Outside my Maine condo are two allotted parking spots. One for the downstairs resident and one for the second-floor resident. Now because I get home from work earlier in the day, I get my choice of which parking spot I’d like to choose. Which, of course, I’m going to pick the one closest to my front door. Who wouldn’t?

Now because I have the same schedule every day, it’s inevitable that I’m going to get the good parking spot every day. The nature of the beast. It is what it is.

This is where it all went wrong this weekend. I left my condo window open, god forbid, and my neighbor saw that as an opportunity to scream at me through it about the parking spots.

Her: “Are you always going to take the good spot and just not care about anybody else?”

Me: while inside my own house minding my own business, “I’m sorry I didn’t think twice about it, I just got out of work and saw the spot open so I took it”

Her: Well it’s rude.

*Walks away*

Number one, girlfriend, I don’t think screaming into somebody's window about something you had an issue with was the move. Knock on my door next time and we can have a calm little conversation.

Number two, girlfriend, it’s first come first serve, I don’t make the rules. Life is life in this wild parking world we live in.

Am I supposed to feel bad about taking this spot? Am I truly supposed to just drive by it every day when it’s open and think “Oh, I’ll let her have it today?”

Thoughts on this guys?

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