Ever been to a pit party?


The Welcome to Maine boys, Mark and Troy, have and they have some valuable takeaways from the experience!


Apparently, to really enjoy yourself at a pit party, you need to pound 'dirty 30s' and 'inhale unfiltered cigarettes' while enjoying a huge tire fire.

Cousin Luke, Mark's Masshole cousin from Worcester, says that beer and tire fires are great, but you should also be firing unregistered firearms into buckets of tannerite to watch the awesome explosions! They claim that if you've never been to a pit party then you probably drive a Prius loaded with PBS tote bags!

Some on Facebook think they can teach Mark and Troy a thing or two about pit parties. Angela on Facebook commented:

You ain’t been to a pit party in Maine until your buddy hotwires the skiddah to pull his truck outta the ditch!  #wedoitrightinmexico

Lisa on Facebook says you don't have to go to Buxton to have a pit party:

Gorham High schoolers were famous for our pit parties in the 80s....& infamous with the local authorities for nearly burning down the town.

Matthew on Facebook says that they forgot one thing...

Only thing you forgot to mention was jumping off the top into soft sand for fun!


Mark and Troy have been all over the State of Maine. Every 'episode' is those two goofing around, yet you leave knowing something about Maine you didn't know before! Inside scoop: Troy and Mark are actually Portland comics James Theberge and Ian Stuart. Wicked pissah!

Have you been to a pit party? Did you burn so many tires that the soot took a month to get off? No? You better check your trunk for some PBS totes!

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