Troy and Mark are at it again with the latest episode of 'Welcome to Maine' a hilarious web series that any true Mainer can appreciate.

Sure, professional tourism videos are fine and have their place, but Troy and Mark get down to the nitty-gritty highlighting the fun, interesting, and strange throughout the state. With some amazing jokes that only the truest of Mainers will understand. (Zumba in Kennebunk, anyone?)

The latest episode brings them to Yarmouth and Eartha, the world's largest rotating globe at 41 feet in diameter.

Eartha is quite impressive and certainly worth a stop and gawk if you weren't dragged there as a kid for a field trip.

But the best part of the video, and I may be a bit biased here, is the boys recounting a tale involving the iconic WCYY stickers.

Be sure to follow 'Welcome to Maine' on Facebook for more hilarity and shenanigans! In the meantime, should we send them a bunch of stickers just to see what happens?

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