If you've ever been to Portland's Old Port, then you know Mark.


According to the Bangor Daily News, Mark started serving up hot dogs with his homemade red cart in Ronald Regan's first term. He didn't have a big menu - steamed hot dogs with a bag of chips and soda. If you got fancy you could have cheese, sauerkraut and of course celery salt. And yes, he had the red snappers and the 'normal' hot dogs for all the tourists.



Mark is a quiet guy who didn't dispense a lot of advice, but he was a great listener. He had some very loyal customers too. Some think his cart should be in a museum. He's keeping it for now, but he's not serving hot dogs. He actually has a full-time job that he started when the pandemic hit.

He works full-time at Maine Health. During the coldest months, he would work for them getting life-saving equipment to the company's many campuses and Maine Medical Center. But when the pandemic hit, Mark knew that he couldn't go back to his cart. For his health and the health of his customers. Plus, the streets were deserted.

Why is he hanging up the job he's loved for 36 years? He's lost the luster for it. He is 62 years old and well, tired. But he is grateful and so are the thousands of people who had a great lunch thanks to Mark's Hot Dogs in the little red cart.



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