Well, it looks like 2018 was a banner year for extraterrestrial visits to the Pine Tree State. Maybe it's all our good beer and lobster. Or the thousands of acres of uninhabited forests. Hmmmmm. The National UFO Reporting Center has put out their stats from UFO sightings for 2018 and Maine had 24 reported sightings. Some crafts were described as spherical, some sword-shaped. Some were ovals or even trapezoids. Man, there are a lot of different types of alien crafts out there! These are awesome and keep them coming....we're ready to believe you!

Here are a few of our favorites:

12/25: A Hovering Craft in Casco, Maine. Mmmmm. Maybe Santa?

11/13: A Sword-Shaped object sinking behind the mountains in Woodstock

8/8: A Trapezoid shaped craft over the  highway in Bath

7/13: 2 green dots and a spotlight shining and blinking in Portland



Here's a video of a UFO sighting in Maine.

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