The small town of Bucksport, Maine is home to lots of incredible stories. Whether those stories are about the Abenaki tribe of Native Americans, how Colonel Jonathan Buck founded the town or even when the town went Hollywood in an ABC drama called Dark Shadows. But Bucksport also has its fair share of ghost stories, including the chilling tale that something, or someone, keeps haunting Silver Lake.


Silver Lake was expanded in the early 1900's to help support a local mill in Bucksport. But before that project could be undertaken, a cemetery needed to be moved. According to the Bangor Daily News, one of the bodies that was moved belong to a young woman named Sarah Ware, who was murdered in the late 1800's. Her case was never solved and to make matters worse, when she was being placed in her coffin, her head detached from her body and fell off. Oddly, her head was stored as evidence in the Ellsworth Courthouse for more than a century.

Some versions of the urban legend suggest that when the bodies were moved to make way for the lake, Ware's body was left behind. Her headless ghost has been seen in the early morning hours while people are fishing and during cold, rainy evenings through thick fog. Silver Lake is surrounded by a comprehensive trail system but many who use those trails claim there's something eerie about the lake, especially after dark.

It's the perfect time of the year for a hike, but do you dare visit this haunted lake along the way?