We're not exactly sure when the pumpkin spice craze started, but this may finally push people over the edge. We've already seen national retailers unveil pumpkin spice deodorant, pumpkin spice protein powder, pumpkin spice yogurt and even pumpkin spice Pringles....yes, seriously. But now one South Portland pizzeria is willing to test our love for all things pumpkin, by adding a pumpkin spice pizza to the mix.

Villa Italian Kitchen in South Portland will be offering up pumpkin spice pizza as a limited time menu item. Villa, which is a nationwide chain, is the first prominent pizza purveyor to attempt such an ambitious pie in a market thats inundated with perhaps too much pumpkin spice right now. Will it be delicious? Perhaps. We'll be honest, we haven't had a taste test. But while pumpkin spice coffee or pumpkin spice donuts still get our taste buds excited, there's just something about the idea of pumpkin spice pizza that doesn't sit well with our stomachs.

The Villa Italian Kitchen location in South Portland is located in the Maine Mall's food court. As of this writing, we're unsure when the new pumpkin spice pizza will be available but it should be soon. Enjoy a slice for us...if you're into that sort of thing.

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