Everyone hates traffic in the morning. Waking up 10 minutes late, getting caught at that SAME light, and sitting there like some sort of montage in a movie about weekend warriors. However, once in a blue moon, we get to laugh at what's causing our daily struggles, and today is one of those days.

In the above picture that the Belfast Police Dept posted on Facebook earlier today, we see an unlucky moose that just happened to wander onto the road. It made it's way onto the Veteran's Memorial Bridge over the Passagassawakeag river in Belfast, in what might be the most Maine traffic jam ever recorded.

Even funnier is the suggested alternate route, which just so happens to be called the "Beaver Tail", which I can only assume had a history of collecting beavers. Will anyone get anywhere in Belfast today? The WCYY traffic team will be watching diligently, right after we finish our coffee and breakfast sandwiches...

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