Off of one of Portland's busiest streets, Forest Avenue, you'll find the Riverton neighborhood filled with different developments and single family homes. But in the middle of a seemingly quiet Portland neighborhood, you'll also find a 34,000 square foot brick building that has been abandoned.

The Thomas B. Reed School was most constructed in the 1920's and after its use as a school, served the City of Portland as a food preparation facility until 2013. But for almost five years now, the abandoned school has been sitting dormant in the Riverton neighborhood, complete with boarded up windows and that familiar feel of a place you'd find in a Stephen King movie.

The City of Portland does have a task force in charge of finding something useful to do with the Reed school. At one point, there was a potential plan to turn the old classrooms into affordable apartments for seniors, but that plan was scratched. According to the Portland Press Herald, the city approved a renovation of the school to transform it into a workable preschool, but that hasn't happened yet.

As you can see in the photos, the Reed school sits untouched, with classrooms and facilities that haven't changed a whole lot since the school was built. Will it ever live a second life? Time will tell.

NOTE: As with most abandoned or vacant properties, entering them without permission is against the law. 


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