Portland has been evolving and making its mark on the culinary world for years but often times it's the simplest things that go overlooked. Take fried chicken for example. If you had searched "fried chicken restaurants" for Portland, Maine, you would have noticed a real shortage of options. That changes, as Big J's Chicken Shack has finally opened on the waterfront at Thompson's Point.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Big J's is the latest creation from well-known Portland restauranteur Jason Loring, the mastermind behind favorites like Nosh and Rhum. Big J's is the first restaurant to open at Thompson's Point, which is currently filled with options for adult beveraging.

Big J's offers solid variety as well. There's a chance to get a half and half, featuring an oversized drumstick and another all-white meat piece of the chef's choice. Perhaps you're into their hand breaded chicken tenders or one of their sandwich offerings. And while the friend chicken is worth the price, so are the sides. Creamy mac and cheese made with shells is fantastic and the Tijuana street corn is not to be missed, deep fried and then slathered in butter and spices. Do not miss it.

Plus, if you're spending your day indulging in a few beers at Bissell Brothers tasting room next door, you can order your food through a retractable window located between the two establishments. True convenience for the avid beer drinker. Time to get out and mix two of the great American treasures, beer and fried chicken!