In the past couple years, several of Maine's best chefs have found themselves in competitions on Food Network. The most popular show for Maine chefs has been Chopped, an elimination-style cook-off featuring baskets of random ingredients that the chefs must transform into high quality dishes. One Portland chef, Matt Ginn of Evo Kitchen + Bar, has competed on the show and been victorious. He even returned to compete again as part of Chopped Champions, a spinoff featuring past winners battling each other.

Which brings us to this weekend at Ginn's home base, Evo Kitchen + Bar, where Ginn will once again face off against another Chopped Champion, Airis Johnson in a special event at the restaurant. According to Portland Food Map, reservations are being taken for the duel on Saturday, July 13th, that will include a 5-course meal as well as a chance to meet the celebrity chefs.

If you're interested in attending this special event, you're encouraged to contact Evo Kitchen + Bar and make a reservation.

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