Typically when you pull up to a pump at any gas station in Maine, it's going to be standard fare. Slide your credit card, pick which gasoline you'd like and fuel up. But something appears to be a little different at a gas station in Lewiston, where one tiny sticker takes a regular old gas pump and instead makes people pause and go "wait, what?"

Shared on Facebook by Shannon Chase, someone obviously placed a tiny little sticker on a diesel gas pump at an unidentified Lewiston gas station and it's making people giggle. In case you're struggling to see what the sticker says, we'll use some bold print.


Let us state for the record that we strongly advise against you ever using a diesel gas pump in that manner and you should 100% consult a physician before you even consider it. Given that the station in Lewiston wasn't named, there's a good chance that this sticker is going to remain on the pump pictured above and continue to put dirty smirks on people's faces.


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