In a city where bar bathrooms radiate the foulest of stenches despite ample cleaning, we've sniffed out some of the the finest, most delicious, and strongest scented restaurants and shops in Maine's Port City. Delight your nostrils with these Portland businesses. Who else should be added to our list of outstanding olfactory destinations?

Coastal Maine Popcorn Co.

43 Exchange Street

The flavored popcorn at Coastal Maine Popcorn Company is some of the best smelling food in the whole state. I'm pretty sure the popcorn shop is exactly what unicorns and fairytales smell like.

Christmas Noel

57 Exchange Street #2

This shop smells like Christmas all year round. Seriously, Yankee Candles, ornaments, mantle displays, wreaths, cinnamon sticks, and the list goes on and on. Pop in for your dose of Christmas scents and leave with a really unique Christmas ornament for your tree.

Sisters Gourmet Deli

15 Monument Way

Oh my goodness have you smelled the homemade bread at Sisters Deli in Monument Square? It's ridiculously delicious and makes the entire sandwich shop smell like bakery heaven.

Portland Architectural Salvage

131 Preble Street

Hear me out. Something about Portland Architectural Salvage and it's multi-levels stuffed with antiques, musty wood, and tarnished brass door knobs smells so good to me. It smells like fall, cozy wood burning fires in the fireplace, and the attic at grandma's house.