Outside of politics, bumper stickers aren't that big of a thing these days. It's all about that resale value on your car now, right? So when you're driving behind someone that has a bumper sticker, often times you pay close attention. But this bumper sticker seen by Derek Johnson and shared on Facebook...just seems a little harsh.

Listen, we get it, Maine doesn't have the hustle and bustle of New York. It doesn't have the blue skies and sunshine of Florida. It's not the size of three countries like Texas. But it does have the ocean, it does have 4 seasons and it does have tourism. So do dreams come to die here in Maine? We hope not.

We apologize for being so literal there. Clearly, CLEARLY, this bumper sticker was meant to be a joke and not an indictment on the aging population and high tax rate of a state nicknamed Vacationland. So we'll sit back, you should too, and keep dreaming. Because we're positive there's some other state where dreams die much more frequently than Maine. Just has to be true.

In case you needed a close up:

Facebook via Derek Johnson
Facebook via Derek Johnson

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