Any guesses?

Before I give it away, let’s talk about the ‘middle class’.

What is Considered Middle Class?

Middle-income Americans are those whose annual household incomes are two-thirds to double the national median, according to the U.S. News & World Report. Using their data, it’s said that the middle class in the US are those who have an income ranging between $52,200 and $156,600.

Now that we’ve had that quick lesson, let’s talk about the middle class in Maine.

Middle Class in Maine

There has been a steady decline in the middle class all over the country due to various reasons, from the dissolution of certain industries, to wages that aren’t getting any higher, and the cost of living skyrocketing.

While the middle class has been dissolving, there is a city here in Maine that is still doing well.

According to The Center Square, the middle 20% of households by earnings in Maine’s wealthiest middle class make between $62,119 and $94,293 annually, compared to the middle 20% of households across the state, who make between $53,713 and $85,848.

So, Maine’s middle class as a whole is below the national average but Maine’s wealthiest city of middle class folks are right in the pocket.

The metro? Portland-South Portland.

Was your guess right?

This isn’t too surprising if you think about the state of Maine as a whole. The answer being Portland makes sense with how high the cost of living is in the city. To be able to live even close to Portland, you have to be making some pretty good money.

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