The competition in the craft beer industry is fierce, and while there is definitely a sense of friendship amongst most breweries in Maine, every brewery would like to have that signature beer that puts their stamp on a crowded market. Well, if you're a fan of stout beers, or peanut butter, or combining those two delicious things, start making plans to visit Mast Landing in Westbrook.

The beer is called Gunner's Daughter, and I stumbled across it thanks to a friend's suggestion. But after ordering just a small taster glass of it, I was immediately hooked. And again, if you enjoy the taste of peanut butter, you'll become immediately hooked on this beer as well.

Recently I've visited a few places in Maine, from Old Orchard Beach to Oxford, that have Gunner's Daughter on tap. That's good news for craft beer drinkers across the state. Perfect as a happy hour selection, a dessert beer or to sip while sitting by the fire in the winter, put this on your must-drink list amongst craft beer in Maine. You won't be disappointed.

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