I hope I am not offending anyone when I say "WHAT IS THE DEAALLLL WITH THIS DOME HOME?!"


Now, before I start ripping it to shreds, I am huge proponent of natural light and these floor to ceiling windows would certainly deliver lots of it. Other than that it is not really my taste but you know what they say, there is an @$$ for every chair!

The full listing describes the property on 33 Oxbow Pond Rd in Canterbury, NH, as a solar contemporary/ monolithic Concrete dome! It has a lot of affectionate nicknames including the Hobbit House, the Igloo, the Starwars House, and YES the Flintstone house. (I knew I felt Flintstone vibes!) The three bed, two bath home is listed at $274,900.

Lets take a peek inside, shall we?

One of the three bedrooms:


It appears to be connected to another bedroom. I suppose it could be a babies room or if the buyer doesn't have children it could be an adjoining office.



Who doesn't want to do their business in a fancy cave?

Living Room:


not too shabby!



I am digging the Island, not going to lie!

Sweet Spiral Staircase:


I love a spiral staircase! However the blue tile is making me feel like we are at a waterpark in the 70's.

According to Realestate.boston.com people have been flocking to Canterbury to see the dome home for themselves. The article said the showings have been so busy one of the listing agent said he felt like a traffic cop. Last I checked, the status of this listing is pending so it appears someone already put an offer in.

Could you see yourself living in this dome home?

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