The people of Maine unabashedly love doughnuts. Whether it's supporting national chains or your neighborhood bakery, we love the deliciousness delivered in every bite. But when you think of a doughnut, you imagine something with chocolate, or frosting or covered in sugar. But what if, there was a place in Portland that was going to produce a different kind of doughnut, a total game-changer.

That's what The Highroller Lobster Co. teased on Facebook, stating that they'd consider adding a fried lobster mac and cheese doughnut to their menu for a limited time if their post got over one thousand likes. Let us say that again, a lobster mac and cheese doughnut.

Savory doughnuts aren't for everyone but come on, aren't you at least a little curious? Anyway, as of this writing, the post was still a few hundred likes short of making this a limited time menu item, which is a shame. Plus, if this happens and goes well, what else can crafty chefs in Maine begin filling doughnuts with?

The possibilities are endless.

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