When opportunity knocks, someone people are always ready to answer. Life is full of challenges, and it feels like everything has a cost. So when someone stumbles something that is completely FREE, there's usually little hesitation. Unless of course, it's this.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

No stranger to holding up ridiculous signs around the City of Portland, this guy spent his Wednesday afternoon offering free tongue baths to whomever wanted one. As of this writing, not a single person had taken him up on that offer, but that doesn't mean someone won't. They might. It's FREE after all.

Typically this gentleman is spotted in Post Office Park, and has held up other signs that we've featured before. When you've got a gift, you should use it. Keep fighting the good fight our friend. And oh, we just showered so we'll pass on the tongue bath. Next time, though.

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