Seriously, what is it with Maine and ghosts recently? First this summer, we had animals, both cute and intimidating dominating the news, and now it's like spirits from the beyond are having some sort of convention downtown, and using their free time to see the sights.

Anyway, in the latest bout of haunting news, it turns out that the University of Maine at Farmington has a number of ghost stories to tell. According to, UMF's Mallett Hall dormitory is wrought with instances of creepy ghoulies. Most notably, it's not uncommon to hear furniture shifting around on the fourth floor from below. What's creepy about that, though, is that there isn't a fourth floor... *Shivers* Have a look:

Also said to be roaming the halls of Mallett is the ghost of a girl who fell down an elevator shaft, who apparently makes inexplicable noises and causes cold sports in otherwise warm areas. How about NO. My regards to Maine Jazz Camp students, who use that dorm for a living space over the summer.

Being music people, the one story that got us the most is actually one from across campus. Apparently in the Nordica Auditorium lurks Lady Nordica herself, who occasionally plays piano, and likes to make her presence known. I think this takes the eccentric music teacher stereotype to a whole new level.

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