Countless amounts of people have traveled along Route 1A in Maine from Bangor on their way to Ellsworth and Bar Harbor. Through twists and turns, you'll come up to a picturesque hilltop opening with a majestic colonial building sitting atop known as the Lucerne Inn. The inn has been maintained since it was built in 1818, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and still operates today hosting guests, weddings and other events. But after decades of strange noises, shadows and other occurrences being reported by visitors, the question was asked, "is this place haunted?". And of course, there's a story.

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According to Maine Ghost Hunters, the story dates back many, many decades ago to when the Lucerne Inn had a caretaker named Nathan, whom had stumbled across his wife and a guest of the Inn in a rather compromising situation. Nathan exploded in rage, and murdered his wife and the guest. Nathan then went to a separate room in the Inn and decided to take his own life. Since the horrific incident took place, guests have reported hearing or seeing doors opening and closing on their own, faint voices being heard in complete silence and even the piano in the Inn playing by itself.

The Lucerne Inn still remains a tourist hotspot despite the haunting reports. Its impeccable views and cozy comforts have kept it popular to those visiting Maine for decades. Or maybe it's the history of the Lucerne Inn (former President Ulysses S. Grant once visited) that's the draw for some. Choose your room wisely and just remember with the history and the immaculate views may come a ghost as well.


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