Wreaths come in all shapes and sizes and are a popular item during the holiday season. But they can also be costly. If you're looking for a large wreath to place outside your home or on a door, it can run you close to a hundred bucks. So instead of splurging on something that you may end up throwing away, why not make your own? And who says it has to be made with a pine tree when you've got a couple extra tires kicking around...

Reddit via smishmain
Reddit via smishmain

Shared on Reddit by smishmain, check out this homemade wreath spotted in Aroostook County recently. Frankly, if you weren't as close as this photo was taken, you may actually believe it was a regular, run-of-the-mill wreath because the attention to detail is amazing. But nope, it's a big tire painted green and gussied up with some decorative print and a big red bow. No joke.

But that's how you do Christmas in the County, right? Plus, when the holidays are over, you can toss the thing in the dooryard until you need to clean her up for next year. It's a win, win for everyone.

ps. these should be selling everywhere in Maine right now

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