Lots of people got to spend time with mom over the weekend, with many of us giving our mother a card that was filled with special and meaningful words that send a message. But then there was this sign spotted in Bethel, Maine and shared on Reddit by WendyMarie37, that really left us scratching our heads for a couple of reasons.

Reddit via WendyMarie37

Yes, that is a church, likely attempting to be topical over Mother's Day weekend in hopes of ensuring attendance for Sunday mass. But there's a couple of problems that we see. One, Mother's Day is typically a celebration of mom, not a day in which she GIVES. And two, well....we get that we operate with a dirty mind from time to time, but that's just human nature. The sign was worded poorly, plain and simple. Any sign that ends with "time spent on her knees" is going to make people do a double-take. Perhaps that was the intention here, but come on, it was Mother's Day!