Summer is finally here which means that school is out. Families will travel and go out to enjoy the summer sun. However, it seems that some people in New England may not have to travel far for a great summer road trip.

Picking a destination is always a hard choice when trying to plan a road trip. Wallet Hub recently conducted a study to find the best place for a summer road trip in the U.S. They looked at many factors  (32) such as average gas prices, fun activities (attractions), scenic byways, and places that are wallet-friendly.

It is no surprise that one New England state was in the top 10, however, it was a surprise to find that other New England states were at or near the bottom.

We have known that Maine gets many tourists, especially during the summer months. Our roads get jammed, beaches get crowded, and it seems that just about everywhere, there is a giant cluster of people. That did not stop Wallet Hub from naming Maine #5 out of 50 for best places for a summer road trip.

I mean, I cannot disagree. Other than the number of tourists that come here, Maine is a beautiful state with so much to offer.

Maine is the only New England state to make it into the top 10. If you are wondering which New England states did not quite make the cut, I'm here to tell you. According to Wallet Hub, Vermont is next at #25. After that, #35 goes to Massachusetts, New Hampshire sits at #42, Connecticut is at #49, and Rhode Island came in last at #50.

So, next time you are wondering why there are so many tourists, it is because Maine is one of the best states to take a road trip to in the summer.

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