It's mid January. It's football playoff season. Of course the New England Patriots are still in the run to the Super Bowl. And of course there is a new hype video to get the fans charged up.

Let's face it, the haters are right about one thing. Tom Brady's numbers this season are not what they have been. But don't blame our 41 year old Quarterback for that. He's had very limited targets this season and still somehow manages to get wins where they count the most.

One of the sweetest things about being a Patriots fan is watching all the "experts" say the Pats Dynasty is over, they can't beat the Chargers, Brady is too old, blah blah blah. Now they are all eating crow and walking around with their tail between their legs just hoping the Patriots lose to the Chiefs this Sunday night....let's take a look at a few.

This guy wishes it was over..

Andrew, you sounded like a fool. Where's your apology?

And let's not forget the most uneducated "expert" on any panel. Max Kellerman. Keep on beating that dead horse Max. But when Brady retires don't you dare say "I told ya so." Because you've been shoveling the same crap for a decade now.

I could share more dumb tweets but as the great one says, We're on to Kansas City. So without further delay, here is the newest Patriots hype video for the rest of the playoff run. Chills included..



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