If you think the world we are living in is lacking compassion, sometimes all it takes to restore some hope is the response to an animal that may be suffering. A photo taken by Chris Parker was shared in the Facebook group Maine Wildlife. The photo was met with many questions and lots of concern about what exactly people were looking at.

The photo itself can almost play tricks on you. Is it the angle or are you really seeing what you think you're seeing. There seems to be two conclusions when it comes to this photo of a doe. The first conclusion is that she has some sort of tumor or infection causing a major alteration to her face. Plenty of commenters were worried that the Maine Warden Service may need to intervene to save the doe's life because she could be struggling to eat or drink. But several other commenters had another interesting theory.

What if this is a birth defect? It appeared to some that this doe's face was actually two faces, and that the extremely rare phenomenon known as diprosopus could be happening here. Some surmised that may be the case because the doe's body looks filled out and colorful, meaning she seems to be eating and drinking properly.

It's hard to know which conclusion is correct based simply on one photo but the face that so many people were concerned gives hope. Hope that we're not devoid of compassion and hope that this doe may get the help she needs if she needs it at all.


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