City Center News in One City Center is run by a character named Lorenzo. Everyone knows Lorenzo. He's usually spewing off well-meaning and endearing insults to his friends or pressuring our sales team into buying more scratch tickets from his lucky stack. He's a welcome sight in his little shop, decorated with sports memorabilia and stuffed full with everything you could need for an afternoon snack attack.

When I walked into work this morning I found a sign woven into the metal cage door on the store. Lorenzo declared this week National Mental Health Week and today is the official Attitude Readjustment Day.

If you're looking for Lorenzo he's either at the golf course, the lake, or a doctor's appointment. Don't worry, he won't be gone long. He'll return to his normal schedule on Friday.

I need one of these signs. I need an attitude readjustment day, and I bet you know a few people who could benefit from one, too. Queen Queen

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