Spirit Halloween Store

If you spend your time scrolling through memes, getting your news from Twitter, and LOLing on social media, then you’re probably familiar with the ongoing joke about the infamous pop-up Halloween store.

Every year once the season of fall hits, Spirit Halloween stores pop up around town taking over vacant buildings and empty stores.

As the season approaches, memes and jokes start circulating the feeds poking fun at the different places the Halloween store might take over.

Here are a few just so you can catch my drift:

Personally, I think the store should just remain open year round like the Christmas Tree Shop. Halloween shouldn’t be the only time you dress up and adorn fun accessories!!

Anyway, I was laughing at the memes a few weeks ago making jokes about what stores Spirit would take over, so when I saw this sign in person the other day, I could not stop laughing.

Spirit Halloween Store in Portland, Maine

I was driving by the Maine Mall the other day and saw something covering the Sears sign. I knew Sears was going out of business but hadn’t known it had already closed down; I figured the sign hanging was about the end of a Sears era.

I let out a laugh out loud once I noticed the ironic sign hung over the old Sears sign, barely even covering it: Spirit Halloween. “Sears” is still clearly visible, with just a small banner strung across the vacant store’s sign.

Townsquare Media

It looks just like the photoshopped memes I saw for weeks leading up to the store’s debuts around the country. It makes me laugh every time I look at this! It’s just so classic.

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