As this monster storm approached, forecasters warned not to be distracted by the amount of snow we would be getting, but rather the other effects this storm may bring. Those effects including substantial wind gusts, and for the coastline, the real potential threat of flooding. If you didn't believe that, this pictures should change your mind.

Shared on Facebook by Untamed Mainer, this photo shows the causeway from little Deer Isle to Deer Isle. If you saw this same causeway in the summer, it's a picturesque piece of Maine roadway. This photo however, makes it look like a treacherous entrance to an endless piece of ocean. Residents should likely avoid this causeway at all costs.

Another set of photos shared by Deer Isle resident Leslie McDonald-Rice, shows the rising tide mixed with the storm surge pushing water over what is typically dry land in the town of Stonington. Again, visit Stonington in the summer, and water levels would not nearly be this high.

Another photo were shared by Deer Isle resident Bobbi Billings, shows the ocean pushing up against the parking lot of a downtown restaurant in Stonington. Here's hoping the storm surge doesn't push the water any higher.

It's vital that if you live in coastal communities to keep a close eye on the rising waters and the potential for danger on the roads. Stay safe everyone.


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