Tomorrow is the big day. Registration day for the 20th annual Beach to Beacon road race in Cape Elizabeth on Aug. 5. Now, getting IN the race is often as grueling and difficult as actually RUNNING the race. This morning Cape Elizabeth residents got the first crack:


Tomorrow-4,000 slots are up for grabs starting at 7 a.m. Last year the slots were gone in a record 3 minutes and 43 seconds. It's a race! We've had good luck getting in the last few years. A couple of tricks that might help you:

  • Have the registration link ready to go at 7 a.m. sharp.
  • Try to log in with multiple computers! Once you get "in" to start filling in the rest of your registration, you can close out of the other machines.
  • If you do get prompted to continue your registration, you still need to hurry, it's first come first serve, so type wicked quickly!
  • One hold-up a lot of runners have is putting in their credit card information. We suggest copying and pasting your number before you start registering so you can save time. Every second counts!
  • If you don't get into the initial 4,000 slots, keep going. Sign up for the lottery. There are an additional 1950 spots up for grabs. You'll be charged $5 to enter the lottery, which is well worth it. The lottery drawing will be on March 21.
  • If you completely forget/oversleep/get distracted and don't sign-up tomorrow, know that the lottery registration continues until noon Sunday, March 19.

GOOD LUCK. If you've never run the course before, here's what you can look forward to.



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