For those who are born and raised in Maine, area code 207 just feels like home. So what will Mainers do when there are no more 207 phone numbers to be had? We'll all find out soon enough, as Maine utility regulators believe all available 207 phone numbers will be gone within four years or less.

According to, the Maine PUC has opened an inquiry into what the state can do to offset or delay the pool of 207 numbers running dry. There's hope that some major phone carries, who all have reserved "suites" of 207 phone numbers, could help by turning over some of those numbers. But it also seems inevitable that within the next decade, Maine could have a second official area code.


Maine is one of a handful of states nationwide that uses only one. It's a beacon of notoriety, with everything from beer to t-shirts to TV shows using the area code to signify Maine. It was one of the original are codes designated in 1947 nationwide and many people native to Maine who have moved away hold on to their 207 area code phone number as a remembrance of home and a conversation starter.

When will Maine be getting another area code? Only time will tell.

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