Dear Mystery Couple,

I went to the Brunswick Diner on Pleasant Street in Brunswick, Maine, over the weekend expecting the usual -- an incredible meal with even more incredible service. But what I ended up getting was the most amazing ending to my meal and experience possible.

And that's because the two of you showed up.

I was at the Diner with my brother and father, who came to visit over the weekend. We were seated inside on the second booth to the left when you first walk inside.

After the usual deliciousness (seriously, no matter what you order off the menu, it just never misses) and amazingly friendly service, we were getting ready to wrap up when both of you walked in and sat in the booth directly next to us -- in the direction I was facing.

At first sight, you were both just truly adorable. This couple with many years together under your joint belt that just looked like you've tackled every obstacle put in your path through your years together, and now were just truly out to enjoy each other's company and have fun. And the fun was the first, most obvious part of your relationship as soon as you started speaking to your waitress.

Google Maps / Matt Seymore
Google Maps / Matt Seymore

I watched and listened (with admiration and respect, not in a creepy way or anything) as your waitress asked you both if she could get you any drinks other than the water already placed at your table, looking the wife's way because, ya know, ladies first always.

I'll have a coffee milkshake.

And that's when the fun started, because as the waitress looked at you, Mr. Husband Sir, you mentioned that you were fine with just water for now "but I'll try her milkshake when it comes and see if I change my mind."

I began staring down at the check I was signing as you responded, Mr. Husband Sir, and must have missed an amazing side-eyed look your wife gave you, because I heard the waitress say, "You sure about that?" as she smiled and looked at your wife.

And your response was just everything.

Yeah, I've put in enough years with her where I can steal a quick sip I think.

Hyeonyoung Yang
Hyeonyoung Yang

It was just the most relationship goals moment I may have ever seen, and truly what some of us could only hope for and most of us should aspire to be.

So, thank you, mystery couple, for not only a glimpse into what I hope my future will someday be, but also a bar to set and try to reach it should that day ever come for me.

I hope you enjoyed your meal as much as no doubt everyone within earshot and eyesight of you enjoyed you both that morning.

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