I'm sorry, but this is too funny to keep to myself. My friend may have not found this as funny as I did, but at least she's letting me tell the story. She's starting to find some humor in it, so here we go.

As I've told you on air on Krissy In The Morning last week, New Year's Eve looked different for my friends and I this year in the best way possible. We decided to stay in and make tons of food at my house, and watch the ball drop with just our group of good friends. We took the wholesome route as we welcomed 2024, and it was the best New Year's I've ever had.

My one friend had to compromise with her boyfriend and split the evening between our friends and his friend's house, so she started with us at my house. She ended the evening at her boyfriend's friend's house, where she had no idea she was going to immediately regret that decision.

As the tradition goes, you kiss your mans or girlie at midnight, right? Well, at 12:01 I get a FaceTime from my friend telling me that her boyfriend's best friend (who's a girl) was so intoxicated that she ran over and gave him a kiss on his cheek, which knocked her over on accident, ruining her midnight kiss.

I was crying laughing, but that's just because I don't take these things too serious. She was unhappy at first, and it's so wild I can understand why. But now we just have a hilarious memory to look back on, and I get to say, "Shouldn't have left the right house to be at, hehe".

But anyways, apparently this best friend of her boyfriend's felt bad she ruined his real midnight kiss with his girl, and she wrote her a long DM on Instagram apologizing. Don't worry about it girl, we all make mistakes. However, I'd never touch another woman's man like that. You've got balls, girl.

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