While there are tons of guitar instructors and online videos that can teach you how to play your favorite songs, nothing really feels more authentic than getting a lesson from the mastermind behind the riffs. Tool's Adam Jones has shared a guitar tutorial for the Fear Inoculum track "Pneuma."

According to his Instagram post, the section of the song he filmed himself playing was the last verse, and he had filmed it in his dressing room while the band were on tour. "Justin [Chancellor] stays on the original riff so there are some nice little conflicting moments between the 2 parts," he added. "Not difficult to play but it’s very satisfying."

Watch the video below.

"Pneuma" is the second track on Tool's long-awaited August 2019 release Fear Inoculum, and it was finally debuted live for the first time in October. As per Setlist.fm, it's been played at every one of their shows ever since. The song has also become a popular meme on the Tool Reddit page.

Tool's 2020 tour dates in April, May and June were unfortunately postponed due to the coronavirus. Stay tuned for the rescheduled itinerary.

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