Earlier last week, there was some speculation in certain corners of the internet that Tool may be in Portland, Maine putting the finishing touches on their album. Tool, notoriously secretive about everything involving their music, wouldn't confirm the rumors that swirled. They even went as far as posting something on their own website Friday morning stating that imposters were parading around in the northeast looking like the band. Hours later, they posted this to their Facebook page.

For those unaware, that is the full Tool line-up with the famous , 11-time Grammy Award-winning Bob Ludwig in the middle, at his business Gateway Mastering in Portland. Ludwig has been part of the mastering process for prior Tool albums as well as some of Maynard James Keenan's side projects.

Tool posted the photo to their Facebook page without any caption, but it stands to reason if the band is making the trek to the frigid northeast in March, it's to put the final touches on their long-awaited next album. The band also released a batch of summer tour dates on Monday, so brand new music can't be far behind.

It's really happening Tool fans, and it may be happening a lot sooner than you think.

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