Update: According to Tool's reps, the stream that has appeared on Google and YouTube is not official.

Tool's 1991 demo, 72826, has officially arrived on Apple Music, Pandora and Google Play and YouTube, marking the band's first release to hit streaming services.

We know what you're thinking — "But I've been listening to Tool's demo on YouTube for years." True, but those were uploaded by fans not official as seen in the video for "Sober"  toward the bottom of the page.

While Tool do have an official Spotify profile as of earlier this year, the historic demo has yet to arrive on that platform at publication time. Still, it's a major step forward for one of the few remaining artists who have kept their catalog off of streaming services for so long.

We're still about six weeks out from the release of Tool's new album (Aug. 30) and there's been no word on what it will be titled. That leaves studio releases yet to be made available through streaming — Opiate EP, Undertow, ÆnimaLateralus and 10,000 Days — and perhaps the rollout will continue with one release each week leading up to the new record.

Not much is known about the forthcoming release, though it is expected that "Descending" and "Invincible" — two new songs the group have been playing live — will be represented on the album. That is, of course, if armageddon doesn't come first on the heels of the news that Justin Bieber is a Tool fan, which bummed out Maynard James Keenan.

Check out Tool's tour dates here.

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