Automobiles, accidents, and aggravation cannot be denied when driving in New England.  It's just the way it is.  We get a bad rap across the country as being aggressive behind the wheel, but honestly, if you go with the flow of traffic, you'll be ok.

It's the timid drivers who get into trouble.  If you can't image going 75 or faster in the left lane of Route 128, then you shouldn't be in the left lane. You should be in the far right lane to avoid slowing down the rest of us.

Why are we so darn aggressive?  This is my personal opinion, but the Northeast breeds high energy, competitive, Type A people.  We don't talk slowly, eat slowly, or drive slowly.  We are focused and confident.

Cris Ovalle via "
Cris Ovalle via "

So how does this add up to safe driving?  Well, there are some unwritten rules many drivers develop over the years of commuting an hour each way, every day.  These tricks of the road keep you sane in all the traffic.  If you're not from New England, you don't understand, but that's ok.

A personal pet peeve is driving on Route 101 or 108. If you get behind a slow driver, they don't seem to notice nor care there are 10 cars trailing behind them.  My friend from Maine would say "shut up and enjoy the scenery", which is a quip I totally deserve.

Let me give you some examples of 10 totally acceptable "myths" that some people may call the rules of the road.   You decide.

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