My whole life I've lived within a pretty tight radius only just barely living outside of Lincoln County for a time. (No, really. You look at the county line and it essentially went through my old place.)

Southern Maine was always where the fun and activity was so I was excited to move and not have to deal with such a long drive when I went to my favorite weekend spots. Of course, that didn't last too long as the world shut down a few short months after I moved.

Now granted, most of these items I could get in other parts of Maine, but I didn't experience them until moving down here.

5. Paying For Parking

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This was a tough pill to swallow for someone who has never had to pay for parking before. Aside from when I would visit Portland on the weekends, of course. But to pay to park just to go to work? And for some of the apartments in the city I looked at I had to pay for parking too. That was rough to wrap my head around. I've definitely been spoiled.

4. Delivery


Never in my life have I lived anywhere within a delivery radius. Admittedly, I've only done delivery once so far because I'm afraid I'll get addicted. But it was a wonderful treat!

3. People Assume You KNOW Portland

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I am not geographically inclined on a good day so when people start telling me about places in and around Portland and then have the audacity to tell me street names, they seem taken aback when I look at them like a deer in headlights. "Excuse me, what's a promenade? That sounds like a beverage." "Oh, is that near where that boat restaurant is?" "Like, near Hadlock Field or over near Trader Joe's?" Give me landmarks and I can survive.

2. Everything's SO Close

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Where I grew up I was equidistance from Walmart in Brunswick, Walmart in Augusta, and Walmart in Rockland. Which really meant I wasn't close to any of them. Now I have a Walmart, multiple Hannafords, and a Shaws, all really close by. Plus a movie theater, clothing stores, restaurants, breweries, and more. Heck, making a trip to the mall was considered a rare treat. Now I can go there like it's nothing! Spoiled!

1. Living Here is EXPENSIVE

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Apartment hunting was a daunting task. I can't tell you how many nights I stayed up crying and panicking because I didn't think I'd be able to find anything I could afford. I eventually found something I could make work, of course. But coming from a place slightly larger having paid a few hundred a month less was definitely an adjustment.

There are good and bad elements of any move. At the end of the day, though, I can say with confidence, I'm happy and very much appreciate everywhere I've lived for the unique experiences they offered.

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