Christmas is coming up and you may have already started to decorate the inside of your house. But, do you also decorate the outside of your home? If it is something that you do, then you know that your electric bill will always be higher in the winter months ( I mean it is anyway with all the heating we have to pay for), but it seems that this year it may even cost you a bit more to put up your Christmas lights.

According to House Method, the national average of running Christmas lights this year (2022) is $16.48. In case you were wondering, this is 13% higher than last year's national average (an increase of $1.93). However, one New England state has a much higher increase this year in the close of running Christmas lights. House Method states that New Hampshire had the largest percent increase of 40%.

New Hampshire's increase put them as one of the top 5 most expensive states to run Christmas lights this year, but it is not the only New England state in the top 5.

The question is what does the average cost of $16.48 include? Home Method based this on some of the most popular items purchased at Home Depot:

  • Three to five sets of hanging icicle lights that are 13.25 feet each
  • Two sets of string lights that are 28.8 feet each for columns and entryways
  • Two 6-foot inflatable yard decorations

Home Method states that "The price associated with each state is the total cost to power lights from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day." Honestly, when you look at the national average is not that bad. For almost the price of a dinner, you are able to share the Christmas spirit with your holiday lights for a couple of months.

Let's take a moment to break down just how much on average you will be paying for your Christmas lights this year in New England.

  • New Hampshire with the largest increase of 40%, New Hampshire residents can expect to pay around $27.85. New Hampshire ended up in the top 5 for being one of the most expensive, taking #2.
  • Maine Mainers can expect to see a $4.09 increase. Although Maine did not come in the top 5, it still has one of the highest averages of $21.47.
  • Massachusetts also had a large increase of about 20% ($4.53) from last year. On average Massachusetts residents can expect to pay $27.03. Massachusetts took #4 in the top 5.
  • Connecticut came in at #5 on the top 5 most expensive states to run Christmas lights this year. With a $27.01 average, and a 28% increase, you are most likely to pay $6.03 more than last year.
  • Rhode Island with only a 9% increase, Rhode Island is one of the cheapest New England states to run your Christmas lights this year. Under the $20 mark, the average for the state of Rhode Island is $18.07.

In case you were wondering which state took home the #1 spot, it is actually Hawaii. Hawaii's average is $38.46. That's much greater than New Hampshire's #2 spot by more than $10.

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