Keep the pets inside! We’ve got some crazy creatures in the neighborhood.

Just last night on November 8, two huge bobcats were seen roaming around residential neighborhoods in the evening.

I don’t know if I just personally don’t know a lot about bobcats but I didn’t think they lurked around these parts of town. I know they’re in the mountains and woods but I didn’t think they liked the suburbs.

But hey, COVID moved a lot of people to the suburbs so maybe they’re just checking out the local market.

Bobcats Spotted in Cumberland, Maine

As the sun started to sink down, which is happening a lot earlier now, a bobcat was spotted confidently walking across my best friend’s lawn in Cumberland.

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That is a HUGE cat. I personally don’t know what I would do if I walked outside and randomly saw a wild animal that large in my yard. Run back inside, of course, but holy Hell!

Both bobcats were spotted on Middle Street in Cumberland near the Falmouth line. My friend was heading out to her car in her driveway and heard a rustling in the woods. She started taking a Snapchat video and as she zoomed in she saw the ears, then the body, then realized, holy crap, that is a bobcat!

Her sister lives down the street on the Cumberland side of Middle Street and that’s where the photo above was taken.

These were two separate bobcats, so there might be a new feline family moving into Cumberland!

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