It doesn’t need to be Halloween to be spooky. The decorations can come down and costumes be put away but the paranormal is here to stay.

The old Engine House that was built in 1878 and what used to be Great Falls School in Auburn are allegedly haunted, according to an article in News Center Maine.

The mayor of Auburn, Jason Levesque, shared with News Center Maine that a firefighter apparently died in the Engine House by falling from the tower; whether it was on purpose or by accident is unknown. The mayor used to run a business out of the old station and he and his former employees have first-hand experience with alleged paranormal activity.

As shared in the article, they could feel a presence when nobody was there and witnessed doors opening and shutting by themselves. One former employee even got stuck in the bathroom for no apparent reason; every time she would open the door to try and get out, it would close itself.

That would scar me for life… According to Levesque, she was alone in the building when this occurred. I would be running out of there to fill out new job applications! You would not catch me in that building again.

Similar activity occurs at Community Little Theatre, what used to be the Great Falls School. News Center Maine spoke with the building and stage manager and vice president, Brandon Shaloux, who shared the eerie feelings the basement provokes.

Shaloux shared stories of the strange feelings and unexplainable noises that occurred, including loud thumps from across the room. I don’t blame the fact that many cast members apparently refuse to go into the basement alone and some have even reported seeing faces in the building’s windows when they walk to their cars.

That last part makes my stomach turn. In the wise words of Randy Jackson: It’s a no for me, dawg.

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