Unique Airbnbs in Maine

As a state that has so much to offer, you can find Airbnbs in Maine that are unique, and charming, offer hands-on experiences, and spectacular views.

Whether you want to be in the mountains tucked away from fast-paced life, sitting on the ocean basking in the sea breeze, or experiencing the unique lifestyle of barn life, you can find it here in Maine.

Sunflower Farm Creamery

I was blessed to have the opportunity and experience of spending time on this farm in Cumberland, Maine, back in my high school days. I can confidently attest to this farm and creamery being run by the kindest, most special people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Their love and care radiate through their farm work and you can feel the contagious positivity and sweetness the second you step foot on the farm. Every inch of the farm, barn, creamery, and space is charming, welcoming, and beautiful. A lot of love and attention is put into these spaces and it is palpable.

Sunflower Farm Creamery Airbnb

You can experience the blissful farm life yourself through a unique Airbnb stay right at Sunflower Farm Creamery. Learn about barn life and cheesemaking from the professionals living on-site, Hope and Chris, and experience a new way of living.

Find peace through yoga in the pasture, visit with the barn animals, collect eggs from the chickens, take a dip in the pool, learn about cheesemaking, and take a break from your fast-paced busy life.

Give yourself the opportunity to just breathe and just be.

This is the best way to do it.

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