In a new and hilarious turn of events, a group of hardcore New England Patriots fans have filed a lawsuit against the National Football League stating that the NFL's "arbitrary and capricious" decision to penalize the Patriots has caused them emotional distress. Commissioner Roger Goodell and Patriots owner Robert Kraft are also listed as defendants in the court filings.

According to ESPN, the lawsuit stems from the NFL and Goodell's "biased investigations" caused them emotional distress and a loss of sleep. It also alleges that there NFL practiced common law fraud and clear negligence in their investigation.

Included in the court filings in this gem:

"...A season ticket holder from Connecticut who said the scandal has left his 7-year-old daughter disillusioned and a Florida man who said the NFL's sanctions have caused him stress and lost sleep."

Most legal experts who have weighed in on the lawsuit say its meritless and will never see the light of day. But the Patriots fans who filed it did so because they believe Patriots owner Robert Kraft did not fight Goodell or the league's punishments hard enough.

Another day....another lawsuit.

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