The anticipation is killing us: we're THIS close to having a professional hockey team here in Portland again! As we get nearer and nearer to the start of the season which is only a year away now, more and more reminders keep popping up, including this awesome piece of news.

You read that right! For the eager fans, it's time set aside the money for those deposits. That might mean foregoing on-the-fly cheese whiz purchases, but if I can hold off, then you guys can too.

According to Portland Maine Hockey's website, prior holders of Portland Pirates 2015-2016 season tickets will get the first right of refusal on these. When you put in your deposit, be sure to tell them which seating area you'd prefer!

October 2018 is when things officially start, and we couldn't be more excited! Finally, hockey has returned to us - and it's just down the street!

Get more information on deposit submissions here.

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