If you're a current Verizon subscriber, you may be entitled to a $100 refund check. You may also be qualifed for this refund if you were a customer during select dates of the alleged misleading charge.

According to CNET, the company was sued, alleging that they charged members an administrative fee that was not made clear. We have all come to know this as the old "hidden fee" charge, unfortunately not just with cellular companies, but with others we owe monthly payments to.

If you are or have been a Verizon customer over the last seven years (January 1, 2016, and November 8, 2023), you could be owed money as part of this $100 million settlement.

According to CNET, a Verizon spokesperson denied the accusations and stated that the following:

"(Verizon) clearly identifies and describes its wireless consumer Admin Charge multiple times during the sales transaction, as well as in its marketing, contracts and billing. This charge helps our company recover certain regulatory compliance and network-related costs."

You may have received a piece of mail or email letting you know that you are eligible to file a claim. Even if you didn't, I think it would be worth looking into, as you may have been unintentionally missed when the notices were sent out. If you think you may be qualified, you can submit a claim.

If you qualify, when should you expect your refund? According to CNET, payments will be issued by check or electronic payment (you can choose your preferred method payment) once the settlement is approved and finalized after March 22, 2024.

Makes you wonder how many other "hidden fees" that we have all paid for in our lives that should technically grant us refunds. It's unlikely that we will ever see them, but you never know.

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