I've never seen a moose in the wild in my lifetime and I've lived in Maine for all of that lifetime. Yet I hear people all the time telling me they saw a moose leaving me to wonder, "Where are they all hiding?"

Moose are huge, standing 4 feet 7 inches up to 6 feet 11 inches at their shoulder. You would think they would be easy to spot, yet I've never seen a single one except at the Gray Wildlife Park in Maine. My girlfriend Michele has also never seen a moose and has been on a quest to see one in the wild ever since we met. That may finally change though.

Gorham, New Hampshire is one of our favorite places to visit, with a great brewery, the railroad museum and it's only a short drive to Mt. Washington. Gorham also happens to be the home to Gorham Moose Tours, a guided tour by bus to the spots where you are most likely to see a moose like people on this tour did:

Just how successful is Gorham Moose Tours at finding moose? They boast a success rate over their 14 years in business of between 93% and 97%. Those odds of seeing a moose are way better than your odds of winning the Powerball.

You also may see some other wildlife on their tour like a black bear.

The cost of a moose and wildlife tour with Gorham Moose tours is reasonable at $35 for a 3-4 hour tour on one of their comfortable and air-conditioned buses. I think we're sold, so we'll be making some reservations soon. You can do the same at gorhammoosetours.org

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